Moonstone, Southbourne

Having previously received a refusal for their planning application with a different developer, the owners of the two bungalows on this site, were initially reluctant to go through the planning process again. However, after getting to know us a little and how we work, they took a deep breath and put their trust in us.

With a lot of thought and communication with the case officer, our planning consultants and architects, Harlequin Homes managed to design a stylish, contemporary building that was sympathetic to both its environment and local planning policy.

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  • The site had previously received a refusal at Appeal.
  • The planning application included detailed surveys and reports such as topographical, arbocultural, ecology, drainage and highways, all of which need to be relevant and highly detailed.
  • Designing and implementing a drainage strategy that respects the structural nature of the local soil.
  • Maximisation of sea views, whilst respecting the privacy of neighbouring properties.
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